Poem: Saying…

Saying hello to you Even through steel barricades Even with your face crushed Your nose broken on the border Bleeding with the nonchalance Of a crossfire casualty.   Saying I love you Even when our arms can’t touch Even when they are handcuffed. Heavy keys jumping on hipbone Mocking our earnest confession With a jingle selling… Continue reading Poem: Saying…


Metaphorical musings: Dissociation.

My body is a boat sailing towards a harbour when suddenly a storm swells up and crashes up against the hull, and the boat spins and nobody can hear it groan above the thunder, and the rain, and the swells of the busy sea. Sometimes the storm ends and the boat comes to rest in… Continue reading Metaphorical musings: Dissociation.

Lent — 15 min Poem — Day Seventeen

Last night I dreamed you put your arms around my waist You pulled me in with no conditions, you loved me with no test, You slipped your hand down and you touched me bluntly More like talking than sex. Your words tugging me gently There was no romance, no uncertainty, no 'pretty' lies, Just fucking,… Continue reading Lent — 15 min Poem — Day Seventeen