Neurodivergent vulnerability?

How often do strangers/acquaintances raise the subject of your ‘vulnerability’, or ‘needs’ without your invitation? For those openly neurodivergent among us, I'd wager (based on personal experience) that it happens fairly often -- usually upon a casual disclosure of our divergence. Most of these strangers/acquaintances mean well: they might be signalling acceptance of our potential… Continue reading Neurodivergent vulnerability?


Choosing to act allistically…

Yesterday, somebody said to me: “unlike those with Tourette’s you at least have a choice about how normal you seem in public…” This post explores the tense relationship that I have with the idea of choice when it comes to ‘seeming normal’. To what extent is being visibly autistic (or not) a choice? Tourettes involves have… Continue reading Choosing to act allistically…

Reframing the notion of “accommodations” for autistic people

As autistic people, in a world established for non-autistic (“allistic”) people, we sometimes believe that the "accommodations" which we require to engage with the world are burdensome, and that others are very much “doing us a favour” in providing them. And, indeed, providing these accommodations requires work from other people. I will not deny that… Continue reading Reframing the notion of “accommodations” for autistic people