Lent — 15 min Poem — Day Twelve

In silent observation we sit We dip our toes into deep pools Vessels of water held in caves We feel what we can't see Moving our toes around in circles Making ripples of eternity Amen


Talking about Community (TV show) and Mental Health

Last time I marathon-watched Community I was in mental health crisis accommodation. The show held my sanity together in episode-long chunks. In fact, I would say that a combination of Community, and a couple of great mental health professionals, along with my determination to live life one minute at a time, were what recovered me… Continue reading Talking about Community (TV show) and Mental Health

Lent — 15 min Poem — Day Two

the splish splash of water loudly falling on tiles blocks out the many noises that are waiting in the aisles of my mind they don't form an orderly queue they batter through they approach from all sides tides of sharp, gritty sounds the neighbours pounding nails details swim the din of children's playful shouts about… Continue reading Lent — 15 min Poem — Day Two