Semantics of abuse language.

Content note: I am discussing the semantics of abuse language, so could be triggering for abuse survivors.   It occurred to me yesterday why I find it hard to talk about childhood trauma. There is a very interesting and disturbing semantic difference between the ways in which different sorts of abuse of children are described. […]


  Saying hello to you Even through steel barricades Even with your face crushed Your nose broken on the border Bleeding with the nonchalance Of a crossfire casualty.   Saying I love you Even when our arms can’t touch Even when they are handcuffed. Heavy keys jumping on hipbone Mocking our earnest confession With a jingle […]


Neurotribes is written by a neurotypical man, who basically says: “Do not kill, abuse, and try to “cure” autistic people, because some of them are good at computers and science” OK, compare it to a (hypothetical) book written by a straight man: “Do not kill, abuse, and try to “cure” gay people, because some of […]

My body is a boat sailing towards a harbour when suddenly a storm swells up and crashes up against the hull, and the boat spins and nobody can hear it groan above the thunder, and the rain, and the swells of the busy sea. Sometimes the storm ends and the boat comes to rest in […]

“Never Change”

“Never change” This is something that a number of people have said to me over the years, and I like it but also it makes me think. I have never, deep down, changed all that much since I was a small child. I have always had a strong sense of social justice, of right and […]

What my cat family means to me

Most people do not understand my affinity with cats, and the depth of love I feel for the cats in my life. My cats (whether foster cats or long term) are my family. We are a pack. I care about the members of my pack even though mostly they have been moved on to permanent […]

I am basically almost constantly caught between a Heidegger-type, death-drive-induced anxiety to live life to its fullest, and full on nietzschean nihilism. Relieved now and again by belief in God which provides some waves of meaning which do not rely on human logic but on this thing called faith. Faith for me isn’t about religion […]