Autism Resources/Links

This is a page of all the useful links which were in my bookmarks folder, and might be useful intros to important aspects of autistic life. I will keep adding to this list and, as such, it is a work-in-progress:


Zoe — A Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism — About Stimming

Erin Clemens — The Natural Rhythm of Stimming

Musings of an Aspie — The High Cost of Self-Censoring (Or Why Stimming is a Good Thing)



Luna Lindsey — The Irony of Empathy and Autism

Alaina Leary — What It Means To Be Highly Empathic and Autistic



The Main Meal — YouTube — Autism, Tourettes and: School


Eye Contact

Rosie’s Quest — YouTube — Why Do I Look Away? Umm Because I’m Autistic


Pro-tips for non-autistic people when speaking with autistic people

purpleaspie — Fourteen Things Not to Say to an Autistic Adult

Ask An Autistic — YouTube — How To Be An Ally

Neurocosmopolitanism — Neurotypical Psychotherapists and Neurodivergent Clients


Autistic Art/Creative Writing

The Art of Autism — Autism Unveiled Project

Autistic World — A Beginner’s Guide to Autistic Narrative


Why Not to Use ‘Functioning’ Labels (i.e. High/Low Functioning)

Musings of an Aspie — Decoding the High Functioning Label

Bec Oakley — The Problem with Functioning Labels

OJ’s Blogge — About the Concept of a Spectrum (nice visuals)


Females on the Spectrum

Jessika Endsley — Female Aspies Explained


Neuroscience Research

Study Reveals Autism’s ‘Noisy’ Secret



Square 8 — Scripted Language and Authenticity

Amy Sequenzia — Autistic, Non-Speaking, and “Intelligent”


For therapists/professionals working with autistic people

Neurocosmopolitanism — Neurotypical Psychotherapists and Neurodivergent Clients

Karla — Grief and ASD


Executive Function

Autism Mind — Oppositional Behaviour, or is the Brain Stuck?


Shut downs/Burn Out/Fatigue

Ask An Autistic — Is Shutting Down Completely an Autistic Trait?

Judy Endow — Autistic Burnout

Aspects of Aspergers — Asperger Syndrome and Fatigue


Intersections — Gender, Race, Poverty, Class etc.

My Value: Autism, Feminism, and Poverty


Autistic and Traumatised

The Guardian — Survey reveals over half of autistic adults ‘abused by someone they trusted’

Larkin Taylor-Parker — Passing: How to Play Normal (because I see bullying into ‘passing’ as non-autistic as chronic trauma)

Kit Mead — The Pitfalls of Passing and Not Passing (as above)

Ariane Zurcher — Trauma and Autism

Musings of an Aspie — The High Cost of Self-Censoring (Or Why Stimming is a Good Thing)

Unstrange Mind — Autistics Are at Greater Risk of Trauma

Medical Daily — Sex Abuse Risk Higher For People With Autism, Prompting Calls For Better Sex Education