Five Autistic Social Skills

Five Autistic Social Skills

So often we hear that being autistic means to have poor social skills. I argue that autistic people have lots of social skills, but just different ones to non-autistic people. Here are what I consider to be five autistic social skills/attributes, in which non-autistic people are deficient in comparison:

  • The use of movement (stimming), and autistic body language to convey feelings.
  • Lack of prejudice about natural differences in other people, for example in terms of race, sexual orientation, gender, and other arbitrary differences between people (unless prejudice has been explicitly taught and reinforced).
  • Wordless communication with other autistics and sometimes with animals (i.e. other people whose dominant mode is not allistic socio-linguistic mode).
  • The ability to bring new meanings to light due to literal/atypical reading of the social environment.
  • The ability to notice discrepancies in communication between the spoken and the unspoken, and to thus ask interesting questions which help other people to develop their sense of reality (as opposed to staying stuck in the illusions that language can keep people trapped in).

This list is not exhaustive, and not every autistic person will have every skill. But I believe that lots of autistic people have some of these skills, and that they are vastly under-appreciated.


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