What my cat family means to me

Most people do not understand my affinity with cats, and the depth of love I feel for the cats in my life. My cats (whether foster cats or long term) are my family. We are a pack. I care about the members of my pack even though mostly they have been moved on to permanent loving homes– I still think of them as kin, any of them could be brought back to me and I would love them as my own. One cat is my daughter — I raised her from kittenhood, I am proud of her, she is my permanent priority, but all the cats I have ever nursed to health, ever taken in, fed, rushed to the vets and then released back to the street when recovered, they all are a part of my sense of being on the earth and being in family. When I try to describe this to (mostly NT) people who don’t understand they hear it as “you love cats” but don’t seem to extend their thought pattern to encompass what love actually means. Love can mean sacrifices, it can be a bit irrational (love is blind!), love means that you have to adapt and compromise, and it means that I will treat my cat friends and family with the respect many keep for human beings who are important to them. Many people are flippant about my love for my cat companions, they seem to think that my relations with them are simple. They aren’t. They are really complex, social, and two-way interactions. My feelings are deep and extend to my cat family as whole people with things to offer me as much as I have to offer them. That is all I have to say.


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