Lent — 15 min Poem — Day Seven



I am not your usual kind of client

Wriggling in my seat and laughing when you ask

“Would you like to put your feet up?”

You look at me like maybe

I am about to seriously disrupt the peace

Or knock over the coat stand.

I notice that people in here

Don’t laugh much, they chat

About their weekend and job

(I have already asked you if you believe in God.

You don’t.)

I ask for a haircut that makes me look

“More masculine than lesbian”

And watch you try to decide if what I just said

Was homophobic, or not.

I am aware of your nervous smile

When I answer the question

“What do you do?” with a shrug

And say “pretty much same as you

I breathe, and eat, and poo”

I do not fit  in here,

in the salon, but I like to think

That I showed an interest in your holiday


I like the cut, and am glad

We could put up with each other

For as long as it took

to make me look

This good.


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