Lent — 15 min Poem — Day Two


the splish splash of water

loudly falling on tiles

blocks out the

many noises

that are waiting

in the aisles of my mind

they don’t form an orderly queue

they batter through

they approach from all sides

tides of sharp, gritty sounds

the neighbours pounding nails

details swim

the din of children’s playful shouts

about who tagged who and

who is ‘it’

shit music from ten doors down

scratching inside the walls

and ticking in the hallway of

next door but one




housemate chops

(it never stops)

tiny men

with tiny pans

are waiting to bang

the walls of my cells

out of time with my pulse

waiting for their chance

to dance in my skull


the moment that

I am done showering

my brain will be full

of this clamouring


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