Lent– 15 min Poem — Day One

Hello everybody,

I have decided that, for lent, I will post up a poem (or short piece of artistic prose) each day. This will be something I write quickly among my other writing work, and so will be produced in 15 mins or less. The idea is to get into the flow of writing creatively and without over-editing, just putting out an image or a thought every day to either ‘clear the way’ or ‘stoke the fire’ for my novel writing.

This month in my companionship group, we are looking at being filled with the Holy Spirit and what this means for us. The Spirit, in my mind, is a creative force, is Sophia at creation, and is the divine feminine. So my lent will, fittingly, be a creative one.

Here is my first poem for day one:

I stretch my breath to you across lumpy backed hills

Shhhhhh! On the wind, to find your speckled softness,

In the dark of a barn you blink, and you think about

The tarmac war zone that you bombed with splashes.

You don’t know this, but I carry your scent in my heart

A locket of deepest feline memories, your vibrations,

Steadily changing me. My closest companion senses the shift

Drifts closer to me, and rests her head on my chest

Compressing all thoughts of you into a single moan.



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